CastaldiPartners with Saipem and Maire Tecnimont before the French Supreme Administrative Court

The  French Conseil d’Etat has given its judgement on the limits of the French administrative jurisdiction in relation to the control of international arbitration awards. This is the first time that the French supreme administrative court issues a judgement identifying a limited number of grounds for the control of an international award (arbitrability, due process, European public policy).

The parties involved before the Conseil d’Etat were a subsidiary of the Group Engie (former Gaz de France) on one side, and a group composed by Saipem and Tecnimont on the other side.

The Italian firms were defended by Emmanuel Piwnica as well as Enrico Castaldi, Priscille Pedone and Antonio Musella of CastaldiPartners. The French company was defended by Loïc Pupot as well as Laurent Jaeger of Orrick.

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