CastaldiPartners transforms into a company and becomes Benefit

CastaldiPartners accelerates its growth process by completing its transformation from a Professional Association to a Society among Lawyers and becoming a Benefit Company. This is just the latest step in a path that in recent years has seen CastaldiPartners commit more and more energy to ESG, for example through the promotion of initiatives and the preparation of an annual sustainability report.

The objective of the benefit company is to pursue, in the exercise of its economic activity, the purposes of common benefit and to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, the territory, the environment, cultural and social goods and activities and aiming at the full satisfaction and well-being of its professionals, collaborators and employees.

Open and transparent governance, shared values and principles, and overcoming the vertical structuring of roles, with organization models based on working groups, are the cornerstones of CastaldiPartners' sustainable organizational structure. Working conditions suitable for promoting gender equality have also been accentuated over the years: nearly 67 percent of professionals are women, a total of 46, including 18 under 40. Incentivizing lawyers' flexibility has reduced daily mobility between domiciles and offices, with significant savings in fuel consumption and consequent reduction in CO2 emissions.

In addition, CastaldiPartners allocates part of its revenues to fund initiatives of interest to the community or particular groups. These initiatives include funding scholarships and to cultural initiatives that strengthen the link between France and Italy, supporting pro-bono initiatives for innovative start-ups, and working to reduce waste production in its offices.

"Through this new company form we will feel even closer to our clients," says Enrico Castaldi, partner of CastaldiPartners. - By becoming a Benefit Company, we can give continuity to our commitment in the field of sustainability, continuing the activities already put in place and doing it even better, with the aim of further expanding our reach in environmental and social sustainability."

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