CastaldiPartners hosts the first ICC YAF / ICDR Y&I / Young ICSID event – Hot topics of 2016 : Change is in the air

In conjunction with the 33rd AAA-ICC-ICSID Joint Colloquium on International Arbitration, CastaldiPartners hosted the first joint ICC YAF / ICDR Y&I / Young ICSID event. The title of the event was : 2016’s hot topics: change is in the air. The panel and the audience interactively discussed the most significant issues that have arisen this year and which may have an impact on the international arbitration landscape. Valentine Chessa of CastaldiPartners was the moderator of the event and Nataliya Barysheva of CastaldiPartners gave an overview on the 2016 French hot topics.

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