CastaldiPartners on Arbitration and Compliance

As part of its Incontri di Via Savona, CastaldiPartners have organized a round table in livestream on the topic of Arbitration and compliance.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 October from 11.15 to 13.00 and will be led by Marina Matouskova and Nataliya Barysheva.

The discussion will start from the rise of non-compliance issues rise in international arbitration (for instance in matter of corruption, environmental protection, health and safety protection) and will focus on questions such as the dividing line between a legal (such as intermediation or agency) and illegal activities (such as trafficking in influence or corruption), the parties in arbitration disputes in the field of compliance, the applicable standards of proof and the penalties provided for in the event of violation of compliance rules, the impact of these violations on the recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards, depending on the venue of the arbitration.

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