Trophée d'Argent for CastaldiPartners

During the celebration of the Trophées du Droit 2017 organized by Leaders League, CastaldiPartners was awarded the Trophée d’Argent having been recognised ass  Firme Entrepreneurial de plus de 5ans.

Leaders League also published the 2017 ranking for Litigation & International Arbitration in which CastaldiPartners was ranked in France (recommended in International Arbitration) and in Italy (recommended in Litigation).

This is a recognition for the professional activity of Valentine Chessa, Priscille Pedone, Nicola Romano, Steven Sprague, Antonio Musella, Marco Sorrentino, Daniela Antona, Nataliya Barysheva,  Andrea Campilungo, Camille Gibert, all members of the team Litigation e International Arbitration.

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