To be both lawyers and consultants in a different and creative way.  This is our objective, consistent with our own innovation led story.

For more than twenty years, CastaldiPartners has brought together men and women from different nationalities, cultures and legal backgrounds in the definition of working practices and in the provision of legal services.

We were amongst the frontrunners in obtaining ISO quality certification.

In 2015, we implemented a single digital platform to better synchronise the functionality of our Paris and Milan offices. In 2017, we left behind the traditional distinctions between lawyers of different levels within our organisation, creating a streamlined structure of client partners, managers and consultants.

We have put in place an industrial accounting system permitting us to offer our clients fee structures that are both innovative and internationally competitive.

We have added to our traditional practice areas, industry and business sector specialisations in the following areas: automotive; construction and infrastructure; energy; fashion; food; hospitality; and telecoms.

Over 1500 businesses of different origin, activity and size have lent us their trust and allowed us to help add value to their organisation and protect their interests.

CastaldiPartners would not have been able to develop and consolidate its market position for so many years without shared ethical and professional values and our emphasis on certainty and transparency in our dealings with our clients.  These values have allowed us to build and grow our practice and to take pride in our group identity.

The marketplace for legal services has changed substantially in recent years.  We have risen to the challenge.